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Wuala (Wipkingen)

Downloads: 494080
File size: 9.15MB
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / W
License: Freeware

Wuala (Wipkingen) Change Log
- Better detection and recovery of broken network connections.
There were cases where we would wait forever for an answer from our servers.
- Better resource usage in the file system integration.
Large amounts of changes on the wuala drive should not lead to timeouts or out of memory crashes
- Generation of heapdump files on OutOfMemoryException
When Wuala runs out of memory, we write the contents of Wualas memory to "<wuala data folder>/HeapDumps/<current date>.hprof". On startup, we delete all but the two newest such files. Heapdumps let us see why Wuala has run out of memory.
- many bugfixes.

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